We Are So Glad You Found Us!

   We don't believe it was by accident. There is a divine intervention at work right now preparing you to move forward in addressing the challenges in your life and we want to help with our psychotherapy and professional counseling services.

   Eve's Place of Peace is a faith based private practice Center for Well-Being located in the Encino /Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles County in Southern California.  We provide psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families, pre-marital counseling, well-being coaching for groups and workshops, family interventions, and private Yoga sessions. We service the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles.  We also offer Real Time Video sessions and a  Private Concierge Service in which we make arrangements to come to our Clients.

   The psychotherapy treatment has an eclectic approach that uses Cognitive and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Existential and Problem Solving; incorporating Mindfulness, and Positive Psychology to promote healing and growth by knowing, owning, and accepting yourself for emotional, mental and psychological wellness. The coaching is focused on becoming a better version of yourself based on what you know and accept, finding your designed purpose, learning to listen to your inner voice and to manifest your dreams in living your best life.  

We value and promote emotional and mental health awareness in the communities of faith based organizations, sports and entertainment through public speaking, workshops, and retreats.

Contact us to have a conversation about how we can assist you or someone you care about with emotional growth and healing.  Also, before signing off or moving on, check out our "Words of Wisdom."  They are designed to encourage positive thinking to promote healthy behavior for the outcome of a life of peace. We  have found our prescription for peace and our desire is to assist you in finding yours.