Eve Marie's "Words of Wisdom"

     Eve's "Words of Wisdom" is a collection of 5 decades of experiences in living life, hundreds of books read, and a true inspiration from my Divine Source. My life experiences were not designed or meant to be kept in private or as secret, they are bigger than me. This wisdom gain along the way is meant to be shared with you, to help with your growth and healing as I have healed and continue to grow.

    Whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs are, Love is universal.  God is all Knowing, all Powerful, and Unlimited in Resources. God is Love!

    The theme for my words of wisdom is "See God in It."  I want you to experience the powerful shift in consciousness by seeing God in yourself, your circumstances, situations, and outcomes, so you may live a life full of love, joy, and peace from the inside out.

     As a psychotherapist and well-being coach I have been blessed to help and witness the peace and joy that comes with the shift in thinking to a positive perspective and to love yourself through the gift of life.  I know from my own experience in order for the shift to become rooted you have to work hard at it and I also know that there are times that we just don't have it in us.  However, that is when we must grab hold of knowing we have help.  Our belief in something greater than ourselves, God and the power of Love.  "Seeing God in it," is design to strengthen your efforts and your mental roots as you embark on shifting your life by shifting your thoughts and actions. 


    Trusting in the outcome means believing that the end result will be for your good regardless of the situation you find yourself in.  It is a knowing down on the inside that tells you all will be well.

    My Wisdom: We usually have an attachment to what we want to happen, we have our mind set on how things need to work out and when it doesn’t our disappointment clouds our ability to see the actual beauty and or good in the outcome.Loose the attachment to the expectations of how you want your situation to turn out so that you may see God in your circumstances and trust, whatever the outcome, it is for good.Allow your heart to guide you. Do your part in handling what you can and surrender the rest. Trust that God will work it out in your favor even if you can’t see it.  When we get God involved, it goes beyond our understanding. Try relaxing in the knowing that God’s got you.

    Seeing God in it to trust whole heartedly is claiming a life of peace. Try trusting!

"Being True To You"

    What is really being true to you? How are you letting society define you?  We have society, our communities and media feeding us what they feel will make us happy. Having money, physical beauty, fame, or even a solid family history, whatever that means… I can see why and how it would be so confusing to know what you stand for and what is really true to you.  You may ask yourself...Do I please myself or do I please others?  Am I pleased when others are pleased even when it makes me unhappy?  Sounds wacky, however many people are caught in this thinking.

    My Wisdom: Being true to you is not following what is always popular or subscribing to society’s definition of what is beautiful, successful, and good. Being true to you is seeing God in who you are. God speaks through the heart. Listen to your heart, what does it tell you?

    God created you, therefore, you am beautiful, you are good, what you like is ok, and your gifts and talents are more than acceptable and no better nor worse than anyone else’s. Society cannot tell you who you are or what you should and should not be, should and should not wear, or should and should not enjoy. Your community does not dictate your worthiness and the media cannot tell you what makes me happy. You do that by seeing God in you to be accepting, loving and true to you. 

"When You Are Unsure"

    There are times we are faced with having to make a decision and are not sure how to proceed. We look at all the angles and search every option but nothing seems to work out in our minds that will give us peace with the decision. We spend countless amounts of energy over thinking, going back and forth between what we might want to do and what we should do, so afraid of being wrong or thinking that later we could regret the decision or what will others think or say.

   My Wisdom: When you are faced with tough decisions, when you are unsure about the direction and your heart is not at peace with the choices… DO NOTHING. Sit on it.  Refrain from rushing to a response. See God in it and allow the time you are doing nothing to reveal what is best for you.  Your heart will be at peace with your choice that is how you will know it is right for you.  You will feel grounded in your decision. See God in your decision and own the peace that comes along with the right choice for you!  

"Prioritize Your Peace"

   We prioritize whether it is conscious or not.  Our lives reflect what we put our energy towards.  If you feel like you are living in chaos or overwhelmed often and find yourself not accomplishing very much or not feeling good about what you are accomplishing then you need to ask yourself, why not, what am I putting my energy towards?  Do you want peace of mind?  Start by prioritizing and claim your peace.

   My Wisdom: I am an advocate of consciously prioritizing your life…that would be living purposefully.  I break it down in components, the larger picture to the smaller ones.  I believe it is good to prioritize your time, your finances, relationships, goals and so on…all those things that are important to you.  However, first I want to help you have peace by prioritizing the larger picture, the overview of your life; your mind, body and spirit, not in that order though. When these are in balance you stay focused, you are grounded in what you represent and you can have peace.

   The prioritization is in this order.  See God in it… feed the soul, the soul will feed, strengthen and direct the mind, the mind is what wills the body into action and submission.  When the body is operating at it's full capacity it is reinforcing to the spirit to continue the cycle of balance through the peace that is experienced. Start today with the number one priority, seeing God in it!  

"Handling Sadness"

   Sadness is one of those emotions that most of us would like to avoid at all cost.  Some of us wallow in it and some of us ignore it like it is not there.  Both of these ways are extremes and are not balanced, therefore not a healthy way of dealing with sadness.  Most of us were not taught how to deal with this emotion, how to self sooth in a healthy way.

  My Wisdom: We work through sadness by first acknowledging its presence and why is it here.  We own that it is real, it is one of our natural emotions that we have, and we validate it.  There is no need to project our sadness on to others; however, we can certainly share our reasons for feeling sad with others for comfort. Then, we can see God in it. 

  As you see God in it, your sadness will take on a different color and shape.  Your heart and mind shifts to a place of gratitude. Seeing God in it shifts your perspective to help you move through the sadness.  At the beginning of the year, I was sad and it was difficult to shake off.  I had resigned from a job I held for 10 years.  I really missed the relationships I had with my friends and colleagues there. I chose to own and validate my sadness as I saw God in it.  As I saw God in it, I was able to see the benefits in my moving on.  I saw my courage to make the transition, I saw the freedom, I was reminded of my purpose for moving on and my mind and heart shifted to gratitude as I moved through the sadness.

  See God in your sadness to help you move through it with gratitude. 

"Breaking Through a Heavy Heart"

  There are multiple reasons and situations that would cause a heavy heart.  The burden of it can be overwhelming.  If you have ever experienced a heavy heart then you know exactly what I am talking about.  Words cannot quit describe the feelings.  A heavy heart is consuming, it can suck the life right out of you, causing lack of motivation and desires, it will make you want to retreat inward.  The isolation is lonely, so how do you find your way out?

   My Wisdom: I have said it before and will continue to say that our mind, body and soul must be in balance for us to have peace and joy.  If one part of the three is suffering, all suffer, we suffer.  Look to God for strength to solicit the mind and body for help with the heart.  The heavy heart syndrome is our soul in turmoil and pain.

   Spend time quieting the mind, clear it out, and feed it with thoughts of love and compassion. This will strengthen your focus and concentration to lighten the heart.  Get the body involved.  Start with taking some deep breaths.

   Breathe in calmness and peace, breathe out pain and confusion, start moving to strengthen your body, this will also lighten the heart.

   See God in it to help get your break through and before you know it, your mind, body, and soul will be back in balance, and you will be enjoying peace!

"The Blessing of a New Day"

   How do you start your day?  What are your first thoughts in the morning?  Are you one of those people that are in awe that you made it through the night and excited about the possibilities that the new day holds?  Or are you one that dreads getting up because you are expecting doom or value sleep more than being awake?

  My Wisdom: You know you have a choice in how you approach what you have been given, the gift of a new day. There are many that will not have that choice because they didn’t wake up, but if you are reading this, you do.   You can decide to embrace the new day that has been given to you.  Yesterday could have held some challenges, and you woke up with that on your mind, however the beauty in being blessed with a new day is you have an opportunity to try again.  You have been given a chance to do something different, try it a new way, seek help, let it go and so on…the possibilities are endless and it is up to you to embrace it.

   Approach today with a heart of gratitude, free your mind of negative thoughts, and take a moment to smile and see God in it before getting started with the blessing of your new day.  

"Believe In Your Inner Voice"

   Have you ever had a gut feeling to do something or say something and you didn’t, only to find later you wish you would have? 

   My Wisdom: That gut feeling is real. It is a part of your being like your taste for food, your sight from your eyes, and your hearing from your ears.  Our society does not embrace our sixth sense; our intuition, I like to call it our inner voice.  Our society doesn’t embrace it because they can’t really explain it, but if you listen to it and trust it enough to live incorporate it in your life then you become certain it is real.  This sense is connected to something greater than the other five senses, it is less confined than the others.

   I see all the senses as miracles to our being and we derive greatness and pleasure from all of them. The inner voice is no different.  The inner voice provides direction and guidance.  The inner voice protects, discerns situations and people, and tells us things that intuitively we know to be true.  So, why do we deny its reality?  Again, it is because the external world doesn’t understand it so they refrain from teaching and encouraging us to listen to it.

   Some things are beyond our understanding and your inner voice is one of those things. See God in the design and the miracle of your senses including your sixth sense, your inner voice. See God in it to trust what your gut has to say to you, the warnings, directions, and the discernments.  See God in it and start believing to experience it's benefits! 

"Your Words Have Power"

    Have you ever thought about how powerful your words are?  Depending on what you are communicating and to whom you are talking to, your words have the power to change the course of someone’s direction.  Words have the power of influence.  That is a responsibility that most of us don’t give much thought to or simply takes for granted.

    Our thoughts come from words that we speak to ourselves which has the ultimate power to dictate our joy and peace.  So, why aren’t we thinking about it, why aren’t we more careful about what we tell ourselves and others if it has this much power?  That is a loaded and complicated question however, I wanted to bring it to your consciousness today.

   My Wisdom: From The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, one of the agreements is to be impeccable with your words and I couldn’t agree more.  Our words are a reflection of our hearts.  They are a reflection of our mind as to what we are allowing to penetrate our heart.

  When I am vulnerable from a long day at work, from not feeling well from an illness, or from distressing news of some sort, I have in the past struggled with my words.  My mind is occupied with my vulnerability and less focused on what I say…at those times I have learned to say very little because I don’t want to regret something that comes out.   I don’t want what I say to be hurtful or cause distress to someone else unintentionally.  We all have vulnerabilities and on those days it can be extremely difficult to give our very best in the words we speak. Anger is a perfect example of how we lose control and lash out before we know it. 

  See God in it.

  Whether it is idol talk or serious communication before you speak see God in it.  Take a moment, ask yourself what is necessary to say and does it represent God in me, kindness and love?  Then proceed being impeccable with your words with no regrets.  The moment, the pause you are allowing yourself is about you, being loving and kind to yourself so, you can in turn be kind and loving to others.  See God in it recognizing the power of your words.

"Feeling Overwhelmed"

   The world is moving very fast and has put many expectations out there about what we should be doing, how we should be doing it and we never feel like there is enough time.  Most of us have gotten caught up in the demands of society.  We are so busy doing so much that many of us find it difficult to be present, to find joy that comes with living in the moment.  As we are making our way down our list of to dos, our minds are already crossing off the current tasks and gearing up for the next few, leaving barely any time to breathe. No wonder we are feeling overwhelmed.

  My Wisdom: Try taking a moment to sit still. Quiet the mind and rest the body.  Allow your heart to prioritize what is most important for you to accomplish.  See God in this moment of stillness and trust that all is well and all will be well.  Breathe in, breathe out. Inhale calmness and peace, exhale chaos and confusion.  Stay there with God and your breathing until you start to feel a sense of peace in the moment.

   You will soon realize that being too busy is not as productive as you once thought; it is actually counter- productive to your wellbeing.  When we stop to take a moment for ourselves and decide to see God in it, there is a shift in the urgency of getting everything done.  In being quiet, the mind relaxes and can be present.  You create space for connection, observation, and peace to flow to you.  Say goodbye to being overwhelmed, see God in it and own your gift of the moment that God gives! 


    Anxiety has become so common in today’s world and it robs us of our peace of mind.  It doesn’t have to.  We can certainly learn to manage it.  Worry and anxiety is created when our mind thinks about the unknown future and creates scenarios that are negative.  You know, the “what if’s” and “the wonder if’s” in our mind.  When we are fixated on that, we are not present in the moment enjoying what we do have,  the NOW.  Why do we do that?  There are many different reasons why, however one of the biggest reasons is fear, fear of the unknown.

   My Wisdom: The first half of my life was rooted in fear of the unknown.  As a child, I was plagued with “ I wonder if that will happen or this will happen.”  I was consumed with creating contingency plans in my mind to prepare me for the worse of everything. I had a plan A, B, and C.  I was so consumed by the time I was 17 years old that instead of thinking about the beautiful boy I was in love with or what college I was going to attend my biggest thought or dream for my life was to have PEACE OF MIND.  Nothing matter more to me.  I have been in pursuit of peace all of my adult life, I am so grateful to have found it.

   In my private practice my focus is on helping others gather effective tools to manage their anxiety but, the most important tool I have found for myself is this…As I acknowledged that God was good and saw God as a part of me and my life the anxiety started to fade.  My mind found rest. It shifted to trusting that every experience, whether of the present moment or the future, will work together for my good. Currently, I wholeheartedly believe in the wonderful possibilities of what today and tomorrow hold.

   Release your anxiety by seeing God in your present moment and future, rest having peace of mind, anxiety free. 

"Love- Knowing When To Let Go"

   As humans we tend to hold onto to people and things we have a deep love for. Holding on, in general, is about us trying to have control. We hold on mostly because we don’t want to feel the pain and sadness that come along with letting go, so we do whatever we can to avoid those feelings, but pain and sadness are a part of our human experience.

  My Wisdom: Love is the ultimate emotion and action.  If you love than you know that it can be the best feeling in the world and it can also be the most painful.  However, the positive emotions that come with love out weight the negative, although it doesn’t feel that way when you are in the thick of the pain from a loss.  When we feel someone slipping away or have gone, we tend to want to hang on for fear of the pain, but what we don't realize it hurts us more to hang on.  When we stop living our design life or stop finding joy in living it then it is time to let go.  When we are not being loving to ourselves it is time to let go. We have the beautiful gift of our memories to hold on to.  We can embrace the essence and spirit of what that deep loving relationship represented in our life and we can channel the energy towards others or ourselves. Holding on is not healthy. 

  God is Love and love is giving. Give the ultimate gift to yourself and the other by letting go.

  See God in it to surrender all control and find comfort and peace in the process. Know that you will be okay and that this needs to happen so you are free to live your designed life. See God in it. God is love and will help you heal. 

"Operating Within Your Design"

   We are born with our own signature of unique gifts, talents, and passions.  They are within us, waiting to be used for our designed purpose in the world, to be a blessing for other’s lives as well as our own.  When we are operating within our unique talents we are operating within our designed purpose, and we experience joy, peace and contentment because of it. Sounds like a win to me because everyone benefits.

   My Wisdom: When we are operating in our design there is no need or desire to compete or compare ourselves to others even if we are doing something very similar.  The idea is to bring your authentic self to life and give your very best to what you are doing.  See God in it to surrender your ego and accept that you are not in total control.

    There is something much more powerful at work in you that is in control.

    Think about it, before birth while in the womb of your mother, you were not in control and this is when you were gifted with talents and passions waiting to be developed for a specific purpose in this world. Who are you now to alter your unique design? 

   My wisdom says work on embracing your uniqueness, see God in it.  Claim your design.  Claim your purpose and have peace and joy a meaningful life brings as you operate in your design.